1. Read Genesis 28:10-16. What were your initial reaction to the sermon?

  2. In the Genesis story, Jacob finds himself awakening to an awareness of God’s presence in the ordinary, everyday, and mundane. Have you ever had a similar experience?

  3. Much like in Jesus’ time, people today tend to believe that God has stopped speaking. And yet, Jesus’ fundamental assumption is that God is still at work and speaking today. Can you think of a moment when you felt God at work?

  4. Oftentimes we orient our spiritual lives around a sacred/non-sacred dichotomy of things, places, and times. This week’s sermon challenges that division and suggests that the sacred and ordinary are not wholly distinct. Can you think of a “ordinary” item, place, or time that has “sacred” significance to you?

  5. There is a common myth that understands the church to be an isolated, impermeable God-bubble. John Robinson in his book Honest to God defines church instead as a place where we can gain awareness of God at work in all places. How do either of these perceptions mesh with your understanding of Church?