“Tainted Love” 2/10/19

  1. Read Matthew 23:15. What were your initial reactions to the sermon?

  2. People tend to have a strong reaction to the word “evangelism.” What images does the word paint for you? In your view, how close or far is it to its etymology: “eu,” meaning “good” and “aggelos,” meaning “announcement;” evangelism literally translates as a “good announcement.”

  3. Jesus used lots of metaphors throughout his ministry to talk about faith. The sermon lifted up four examples: knocking, quenching thirst, wind, and returning home. Did one or more of those images resonate with you? Why? How is the way Jesus talked about faith similar to our different from the way you talk about faith?

  4. Think about your own faith story. No matter your views on “evangelism,” somebody shared the story with you… or else you wouldn’t be here. Share your story with the group. How did you end up here? Who shared the “good news” with you? Take some time to express gratitude for the saints who served as signposts along your journey.

  5. In light of all this, how are you being called to live differently this week?