1) Take a look at Leviticus chapters 1-7. What is your initial reaction to these texts and/or to the sermon?
2) When you think of "sacrifices" or "offerings" in the Old Testament, what comes to mind? 
3)  We often think of th ese offerings as giving something up, when they're really more about giving to God or giving for the purpose of drawing closer to God. What are some examples in our own world of practices that encourage us to give something "to" or "for" another person or purpose? 
4) The first group of offerings (chapters 1-3) are the "voluntary" or "spontaneous" offerings. These provide a way for people to express gratitude, joy, delight, and love for God. They are a tangible expression of God's presence in their lives. What kinds of practices in your own life help you to the express these kinds of emotions? What kinds of practices help you to feel closer to God?
5) The second group of offerings (chapters 4-5) are the "expiratory" offerings. These were a way to restore relationship with God and make reparations to another person when people made mistakes. What kinds of practices in your own life help you to recognize, confess, make reparations, and move forward when you mess up? 

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