for beth
by Dawn on April 22nd, 2024
A few weeks ago, some of the members of the church council did a walk around of the physical church to make a list of priorities for repair. Of course, Central is an old building and maybe not in the best of repair, however during the tour it became clear to me that our physical space is a hot mess! I could not even focus on where to start first. Thank goodness that some on the council are skilled...  Read More
main attraction
by Dawn on March 25th, 2024
I missed Sunday church service for three weeks in a row! Unusual since my husband and I started attending Central in 2021. I love the wonder and awe I feel each Sunday, and for one reason or another, my heart is always open and present to the love of neighbor that happens during each worship service. My grandmother would have called this feeling the Holy Spirit at work, and I know no better explan...  Read More
the welcome
by Dawn on February 26th, 2024
Part of my professional work as a social worker is serving new immigrants just arrived to the United States. Although the “politics” of welcoming the stranger is increasingly difficult to navigate, especially in Texas, it is beautiful work. Maybe our leaders need to be reminded of the radical call in both the Old and the New Testaments to welcome the stranger, the migrant far from home. But for su...  Read More
going up the river: part 3
by Rick on January 15th, 2024
Last week we examined the assumption that homelessness is caused by the personal deficiencies of the homeless themselves. We have been operating with this paradigm for decades. Judging by the rapid increase in homelessness, this focus on individual behavior has not worked very well.  An alternative perspective is the evidence-based approach of the social sciences. Social problems, problems involvi...  Read More
going up the river: part 2
by Rick on January 7th, 2024
If we do “go up the river” to find explanations of why so many people are experiencing homelessness, we find different ways of looking at it. One way is the “common sense” notion there is something wrong with the individuals who don’t have a home. It might be mental illness, substance abuse, lack of education or training, lack of interpersonal skills, family alienation, chronic lateness, inability...  Read More
going up the river: part 1
by Rick on January 1st, 2024
During Christmas we reconnected to the story of Mary, Joseph, and the soon-to-be-born Jesus, poor people desperately searching for shelter, for a safe place. The Christmas story particularly resonates with us at Central, because serving the poorest of the poor in Galveston is our specialty!While we are helping, as best we can, I sometimes think of an old tale about a mythical town on a river where...  Read More
lightning bolt
by Dawn on December 4th, 2023
A few weeks ago, Rev. Dr. Vincent Harris, the District Superintendent for our larger community, gave the sermon at Central. He talked about how, with each new day, we are new, renewed in the eyes of God. This is a powerful message to those that are worn down by limited choices and limited opportunities. That they can see themselves as fully loved and valued by our creator in the present moment, re...  Read More
god will provide
by Roslyn on November 15th, 2023
My spouse lost her job earlier this year. This meant that we also lost health insurance benefits.My spouse wept during church service; we were so troubled.In the search for a new position, my spouse spoke to someone at church. She shared that she needed employment as soon as possible. That conversation helped to facilitate employment for her within a week! This job allowed my spouse to get health ...  Read More
the bank
by Dawn on October 31st, 2023
As we end this official month of Pastor appreciation at Central, after much reflection, the thing that I most appreciate about Julia and Michael is that they have created for us so many opportunities to care for one another.  In all the work, activities, and events going on at Central, every caring word or conversation, every physical act of service, and every stance of solidarity with others in o...  Read More
the path
by Dawn on October 16th, 2023
There has been lots of “official” talk in Galveston about people in our community that don’t have access to housing. They may have temporary shelter, or live in their car, or, as the place of last resort, outside on the streets. Different groups have different ideas about who they actually are, and how to respond.At Central, we put Orthopraxy ahead of Orthodoxy as Pastor Michael preached this past...  Read More
the arc
by Dawn on October 2nd, 2023
I loved Pastor Julia’s sermon this past Sunday. The image of us running together in a sort of relay race, working towards a better world is soothing and hopeful. As is the idea that the arc of the Moral Universe is long, but it bends towards justice. We may not see a just world in our lifetime, we only get a small part of the arc, but that is OK. Our job is simply to be faithful to our part of the...  Read More
the line
by Dawn on September 17th, 2023
This past Thursday at Central was extra busy. Weary from the heat, many people that are unsheltered showed up for support, care, respite, and rest. The shower line and the laundry line filled up early. By the time I arrived, the end of the line was in sight, but frustrations were running high, and I was in a full sweat trying to keep it moving along! Our guests that hadn’t been able to shower for ...  Read More