the arc
by Dawn on October 2nd, 2023
I loved Pastor Julia’s sermon this past Sunday. The image of us running together in a sort of relay race, working towards a better world is soothing and hopeful. As is the idea that the arc of the Moral Universe is long, but it bends towards justice. We may not see a just world in our lifetime, we only get a small part of the arc, but that is OK. Our job is simply to be faithful to our part of the...  Read More
the line
by Dawn on September 17th, 2023
This past Thursday at Central was extra busy. Weary from the heat, many people that are unsheltered showed up for support, care, respite, and rest. The shower line and the laundry line filled up early. By the time I arrived, the end of the line was in sight, but frustrations were running high, and I was in a full sweat trying to keep it moving along! Our guests that hadn’t been able to shower for ...  Read More
be central
by Gabby G. on September 10th, 2023
Throughout my time at Central, I've had the privilege of occupying various seats within the sanctuary, but I can honestly say that I don't think that I've experienced the front row. Currently, my church family and I find ourselves nestled midway through the left section, right by the "welcome home" sign. I've had the opportunity to serve communion when needed, affording me a unique perspective as ...  Read More
the vision
by Dawn on September 4th, 2023
In every encounter, sermon, meeting, really in all things at Central there is a synergy. Somehow the activity/issue/sermon for the week comes together as inspiration and motivation. Everything good seems possible and I feel at my creative best in this community. So, this new sermon series that is underway, how can we “practice hope” together, is like fuel to my fire.The beach, the natural beauty, ...  Read More
the dormitory
by Dawn on August 21st, 2023
If you don’t already know, soon, Central will begin the work of sheltering people! I can hardly believe my good fortune to be a part of this loving community and to be a part of this new housing venture. The critical work of offering showers and laundry and health care is life sustaining, yet this is just the beginning. We know and love the people that live unprotected and vulnerable in our city, ...  Read More
the car seat
by Amy on July 17th, 2023
Last Tuesday, one of our community members introduced me to a new father, Jason, who was searching for a car seat. Jason and his significant other, Lucy, were the proud new parents of a baby that had arrived a little earlier than expected. While they were grateful that their little one was healthy and ready to go home, their discharge from the hospital was looking impossible. They did not have an ...  Read More
care for a stranger
by Rick on July 10th, 2023
Yesterday, as I was riding my bike on the Seawall sidewalk, a Central member flagged me down to help with an unsheltered man who was clearly in need of help. Keeping in mind that I am not a medical professional, nor do I have any inside information on Galveston EMS protocols, I thought maybe the guidelines I have for myself in such a situation might be helpful. So, for what it’s worth:If it’s a me...  Read More
what do i do?
by Rick on July 3rd, 2023
Note: occasionally, Front Row Central will feature stories from unsheltered persons in Galveston. I have made no attempt to fact-check these stories, and I have changed any details that might identify the storyteller. The details of the story therefore may be accurate, or not, but either way I hope they help us to understand a little of how homelessness looks from the viewpoint of a person experie...  Read More
join us
by Rick on June 26th, 2023
As in most beach towns dependent on tourism, Galveston police have a “live and let live” reputation when dealing with disturbances of public order. Strict enforcement of the laws against public intoxication and disorderly conduct at Mardi Gras or the Lone Star Rally would be a disaster - jail space would run out in the first couple of hours and next year’s events would be held in some other city. ...  Read More
the plan
by Dawn on June 19th, 2023
In the sermon this Sunday, Pastor Julia preached about the never-ending opportunity and call from God to reconcile. Always, the door is open to return to the loving embrace of a welcoming parent. Having just returned from three days at the New York Catholic Worker house, a place where saints are made, and radical hospitality to the most vulnerable on the streets of New York City is practiced, this...  Read More
for reagan
by Dawn on June 5th, 2023
This week at Central was Pride Sunday, a formal day to celebrate and honor all the beauty and bravery of our Queer community. But really, every day is Pride Sunday at Central--the reason I first fell in love with this church.Many people grew up in a religion that was shaming and cruel to anyone outside “expected” gender roles, and this was true for my family. So, when my niece, Reagan, came out as...  Read More
the promise
by Dawn on May 22nd, 2023
This past Thursday at Central was busy! Grace Clinic was full, and, with much of the church still out of commission due to the renovations, everywhere downstairs, including the sanctuary, was crowded. I met new people, visited with friends, and did a slightly better job this time of keeping the shower list moving. Overall, I hope I made myself more of a help than not! There were many connections t...  Read More