the path

There has been lots of “official” talk in Galveston about people in our community that don’t have access to housing. They may have temporary shelter, or live in their car, or, as the place of last resort, outside on the streets. Different groups have different ideas about who they actually are, and how to respond.

At Central, we put Orthopraxy ahead of Orthodoxy as Pastor Michael preached this past Sunday, meaning that first we serve with our hands and hearts, as modeled and directed by Jesus. The who, what, and where, the policy, or theory is not what animates our actions. We engage, we get to know and care and love for the members of our community that are living in this inhumane situation, this place where it is impossible to thrive.

As a community of faith, we suffer together, which makes our path not complicated, or too expensive, or not practical. It makes our path clear.