main attraction

I missed Sunday church service for three weeks in a row! Unusual since my husband and I started attending Central in 2021. I love the wonder and awe I feel each Sunday, and for one reason or another, my heart is always open and present to the love of neighbor that happens during each worship service. My grandmother would have called this feeling the Holy Spirit at work, and I know no better explanation.

I realized in my absence, however, that while Sunday is always a highlight, it isn’t the main attraction. Central has a way of pulling you in, of welcoming you in a profound way to care and love for others. Simply put, during the week, we work!  Each week at Central many people are served and receive lifesaving and life sustaining supports and care. There are meaningful small groups and deeper groups, creative and fun activities, church council meetings, and more.
Maybe our Sunday service at Central is most importantly a celebration of a week’s worth of service, love, and community, and a space where we can be healed, sustained, and prepared for the week ahead. I left this Sunday service filled with extra gratitude for all those that make each week’s celebration so beautiful and necessary for all the hard work to come. Thank you.