god will provide

My spouse lost her job earlier this year. This meant that we also lost health insurance benefits.

My spouse wept during church service; we were so troubled.

In the search for a new position, my spouse spoke to someone at church. She shared that she needed employment as soon as possible. That conversation helped to facilitate employment for her within a week! This job allowed my spouse to get health benefits, but the insurance was too expensive for both of us.

One Sunday, after church, I was walking to the car, and I stopped to talk with someone that I didn't know. I asked (for some reason) if he worked at UTMB. He said yes, and I told him that my spouse was looking for a job. Without hesitation he shared the names of people that we could contact about a job.
A few Sundays later, we shared our need with yet another person at church that only visits on occasion. She began to cry when we told her about my spouse's job situation. She said that she knew that God had her at church for a reason that day. She was able to connect us with the names of people to contact about employment at UTMB. After completing the application process, with this added connection, my spouse was able to get a job at UTMB.
Several people from Central helped to facilitate employment for my spouse. This led to affordable health insurance for both of us.

Every day I called on Jehovah Jireh, which means, “God will provide".
We are grateful for the people at Central.